Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cosmic Sound of Ohm

Yoga as an industry has exploded to include everything that can be marketed as useful to the yoga student from the "yoga toes and paws" to the ancient sanskrit symbol AUM om.

I am Including myself within this realm of creating yoga products, specifically the inspiration to create the symbol Om into jewelry.

This ancient sacred symbol defines the essence of all there is. It is the vibrational sound that permeates all of the universe know and unknown. In the words of Self Realization Fellowship founder Paramahansa Yogananda " Om is the bridge between human consciousness and Cosmic consciousness." He goes on to say that we are a three fold radio (body, mind and soul) and through yoga meditation we are able to actually hear with our dominate ear- usually the right- the actual sounds of the universe. As one practices yoga and meditation the body,mind and soul becomes attuned to this divine frequency. The continuous practice of listening for the "astral sounds of the cerebrospinal centers, or the om will behold the cosmic ocean of God's consciousness and the wave of your consciousness existing together as one."

In B.K.S. Iyengar book Light on Yoga he states The latin word Omne and the Sanskrit word Aum are similar in root meaning taken as omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence as is the word pranava, which is another word for AUM which can be translated as the best prayer or the best praise.

To tie in the Om symbolism concretely we can go many places to help clarify the significance;

~ My favorite it the symbolic representation of the 3 dimensions past, present and future and then the newly discovered 4th dimension; time. The a=past u=present m=future and the three parts as a whole symbolizing the place beyond time and space which is in the NOW.

~Mother,Father and Guru and fourth the knower of Self

~Holy Ghost, Christ Consciousness and the Cosmic Consciousness

~asana,pranayama,pratyahara and the final samadhi

~the creator,the maintainer,the destroyer and the whole the "One that ever remains unchanged"

~body,mind,spirit into Oneness

"The cosmic sound can be caught only when the heart radio, of the deeply meditating devotee is tuned to Om's rate of vibration." SRF

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Nice posting. Do you know about these Sanskrit books?