Monday, October 05, 2015

Trilogy Sanctuary's Winter 2016 Healing Touch Vinyasa Teacher Training

Trilogy Sanctuary's Winter 2016 Healing Touch Vinyasa Teacher Training

January 16th~April 10th

Are you ready to take your practice or teaching to the next level? And transform yourself and your clients?

Gather the skills to deepen the yoga experience and develop confidence with hands on adjustments and body awareness.
Discover the multiple layers of yoga to empower your practice and connect to the inner Guru. If you are a yoga teacher this training will awaken intuitive self assured hands on healing knowlege; essential for working with private clients and or smaller class size. If you are a student wanting to explore how yoga becomes the instument for profound change this healing work is for you, as we go together on a journey of Transformation.
We have designed this foundational 200-hour yoga training curriculum in compliance with the industry standard and are officially registered with Yoga Alliance to qualify and issue certificates on completion of training, but do not expect the generic experience. This training is for those students who want and need a clearer view of body mechanics and learn by doing. The body is a profound teacher and touch is healing on many levels. 
A heart opening experience which will allow you to grow spiritually as well as gathering a confident skill set to transform others with this profound work.

As a 200-hour Teacher Training student, you will learn these things:

  • Introduction to Thai Yoga Therapy 

  • Introduction to Partner Yoga

  • In Depth exploration of Asana (yoga postures) and Alignment

  • The Science and Art of Sequencing a Yoga Class or Private Session 

  • Functional Yoga Anatomy 

  • Knowledge of Energy, Frequency and Vibration 

  • Confidence through practice of Healing TouchTeaching

  • Yoga History and Philosophy

  • An Introduction into Mudra, Pranayama, Ayurveda and Meditation

  • The Business of Yoga

Winter 2016 200-Hour Program Tuition Includes

Training Manual

Unlimited Yoga at Trilogy Sanctuary and one time a week Ariel Silk class for the training’s duration.

“The mind cannot forget what the hands have learned.”
— Jon Zahourek

Training Schedule 7 Weekends 7 Wednesdays 

 Saturday's 8:00 - 4:00 | Sunday's 9:00am - 5:00pm Wednesday nights 6:00-8:30

Wednesday 1/13, weekend 1/16, 1/17
Wedneday 1/20, weekend 1/23, 1/24
Wednesday 2/3, weekend 2/6, 2/7
Wednesday 2/10, weekend 2/13, 2/14
Wednesday 2/24, weekend 2/27, 2/28
Wednesday 3/16, weekend 3/19, 3/20
Wednesday 4/6, weekend 4/9, 4/10

Click here to find out about our Amazing teachers planned for Healing Touch Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training


Monday, August 17, 2015

Kindred Spirits

Arati Lane and I have a unique way of seeing the world. Not so coincidentally I can describe both of us with these traits; free spirited mothers, flexible, optimists who are non-fancy and no nonsense with room for play. We both have grown to know ourselves over the oh so many years of teaching Yoga~teaching is the best teacher. Add self awareness with the inner confidence of experience to back it up. She is my co-teacher for our Healing Touch Vinyasa Fall yoga teacher training at Trilogy Sanctuary in La Jolla California.

Recently we spent a few hours (during a stifling heat wave I might add) with our sons at our local and prestigious San Diego zoo. Jaden my five year old and I got there an hour and a half earlier than Arati and Sailor her fifteen year old. My energy was fading since we had previously rendezvous-ed with Tarzan on a dog walk and an early lunch with Jaden's 25 year old sister. 

Yet somehow with Arati's presence I immediately perked up. 

Arati has a vibrant zesty Aura about her that not only woke me up but stimulated me with a hefty spark of curiosity. She is a teacher's teacher to the core of her being. Her archive of wisdom exudes from her every pore. And today was no exception~for my eager brain was a willing conduit to all that she had to offer. 

As we meandered by the elephants in between drips of sweat off our bosoms~her light cotton dress clinging and my loose flowing blouse grasping for a stray breeze~she begins reminiscing about Elephants in India. 

With a sweet smile of a precious memory Arati Lane proceeds to tell me stories of tusks and blessings.

I will spare you the tusk part even though that too was of interest. The Blessing part is by far the most touching, literally. She begins to share how Elephants are revered in India and the deliberate tap of an Elephants trunk is an auspicious connect from the divine. But of course it would cost a Rupi. An exchange of resources, a sacred request for balance in this case an abundant supply of peanuts.

A flying coin for a jolt of Ganesh a Hindu god! 

God of wisdom, knowledge and new beginning

Elephants symbolize wisdom, loyalty, strength, fidelity and longevity.

I ask Arati if she has been blessed? And with an absolute glimmer in her eye, "of course" she says. 

Amazingly the blessings of an Elephant lasts. You walk a little lighter and giggle a bit more, saying "I have been blessed by an Elephant". The feeling lasts all day! She tells me. 

The Ceremony and rituals surrounding this auspicious tradition has continued for centuries. The Royal Elephant instilling a symbolic sense of power, wisdom and good fortune. 

If you have any interest in being certified in Healing Touch Vinyasa Yoga. Please join Arati Lane and I for 9 weekends only~Sept to Dec.

To find out more go to my webpage 

Monday, August 03, 2015

Make a Breakthrough ~ Invest In Some Quality Time

Are you over worked and not feeling zest for life? 

The freedom to be bold and brave has gone away. Let's find that powerful life again. Join me and make a breakthrough by investing in some quality time for yourself.

Carve out precious days of self reflection, receptivity and healing, essential ingredients to foster connection with your true nature and to be authentically present with your inner sparkle. 

Invest in your spiritual development and be that brave soul. Not only to show up for yourself, but to show up for all that is important to you; your family, friends and work. 

I am beyond excited for this mile stone event that is on my calendar and to share precious time with you! 

sign up for our 

Seeds of Wellness Retreat in Mexico 

Oct. 31 to November 7th 
At this gorgeous retreat we will immerse ourselves in healing modalities; Yoga, food, massage, heartfelt council and explore the basics of "Law Of Attraction" and how it works in our life. 

If this calls to you please visit for all the details. 

Donna Tienne (my retreat partner) and I have so much vital information to share! Let's find that beautful feeling of freedom in this sacred space together. Where we will discover your bold and beautiful again; so authentically that people in your life will want to know what you know! 

Be Brave take the leap of faith and be that Spiritual Warrior you are meant to be!

Watch a clip of our retreat location!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Trilogy Sanctuary Teachers for our Fall Healing Touch Vinyasa Teacher Training

Tah Groen and Arati Lane are co-teaching as lead teachers for our Fall Healing Touch Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (200hr Yoga Alliance approved RYS) between the two of them they have over 40 years teaching experience. They have planned a well rounded curriculum of Asana (yoga postures) training to Ayurveda principles.  (For more information go to

Lead Teachers

Tah Groen

Tah has been involved with Yoga most of her life. She started practicing as a teenager. Inspired by a mentor to join a class at 16 sparked the yoga fire which has been burning ever since. After launching a sportswear line with her then husband in the late 80′s and becoming a mother of two daughters, it was time for a healing change. Trusting in the age old adage, “Do what you love”, was the consistent echo in her mind. A pivotal time of transition, a powerful period in her life as she realized the path that called her. Do what you love clearly meant that she become a teacher....continue reading...

Arati Lane

Originally from Germany started practicing Yoga in 1989 in N.Y.C. She travelled to New York city as a deep seeker ready to explore life and herself. Her original calling was to study acting in the big city but soon realized she was being pulled strongly to Yoga.She knew she was in the perfect place as her personal practice developed at the hands of  Jivamukhti Yoga Center teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life. Arati's teaching career started with a strong  Asana practice including chanting and meditation as well as the study of traditional yogic texts. In the end she left New York state as a 500 hour certified yoga teacher completing her training at Sivananda Yoga Ranch in upstate N.Y. ...continue reading...

Throughout the three month training we will have select guest teachers who include:

Our Special Guest Yoga Teacher Doug Swenson will Launch our Healing Touch Vinyasa Teacher Training off with a bang!

Sign up here

Tahirih Linz 

Tahirih will be sharing a full day with us. Her topics include mindful food choices as well as her love of meditation, intuition and internal guidance practices. All meant to allow us to tap into the Guru within. She will also briefly touch on Ayurvedic eating. 

Read more about Tahirih here 
Tahirih has a passion for nourishing food that encourages vitality and healing emerged from her childhood in rural Alaska. Making, growing, and hunting or catching food was a major part of life. She observed the differences in health and wellness among native population that followed a traditional diet and those that had adopted the “white man’s” diet of processed, packaged foods. Having lived her adult life in more urban environments, She understands how confusing food and nutrition are for most people.

Olivia Cecchettini 

Olivia is one of Trilogy Sanctuary's Staff Teachers and has developed a heart opening workshop designed to awaken the spiritual power found within the Anahata (heart chakra) that she will share with us during the last weekend of Training.

Read more about Olivia here
Olivia’s yoga journey began in 2003. As her practice deepened into a daily ritual she began to feel a healing and transformation occur in her life. This inspired her first steps towards teaching and she then began to explore the intricate studies of yoga and spirituality. With over 450 hours of training Olivia is certified in Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, and most recently Aerial Yoga. Graduating with a Masters in Spiritual Psychology in 2010 she believes the mind, body, soul connection is a sacred one. Her classes are a safe space for students to begin to explore and expand within their own bodies and consciousness.

James Beard
James is a Pranayama expert and has written a book on the importance of breathwork to transform self.
We ask him.... What is Breathwork?
Breathwork is a phenomenally, mind-altering, aerobic exercise designed to help you understand yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually live a healthier, more joyful life.
Breathwork is a physical, mental, and emotional exercise that encompasses your whole being meeting you right where you are at and has the potential to put you in direct contact with your true self.

James is scheduled to teach his Breathwork/Pranayama workshop late November.

Leila Dora

Leila will be sharing her amazing knowledge and creativity within the silk hammock. Ariel yoga is "flying yoga" and takes the yoga experience into a whole new realm. 

Leila Dora is one of the owners of Trilogy Sanctuary. She teaches vinyasa yoga, as well as Aerial Yoga. She is Reiki certified and a qualified nutritional counselor.

All the trainees have included in tuition a once a week Aerial Yoga class.

Aerial Yoga is a form of Yoga that uses hammocks to deepen stretches and take your Yoga to entirely new heights. This playful style is able to release tension in the body, especially the spine, by creating decompression in the joints. It creates a new level of strength building, balance and a dynamic and unique approach to many of the traditional yoga poses. We have a range of classes, ranging from gentle stretching and floating classes to Strength building, flips, tricks, and conditioning classes. Aerial Yoga is suitable for beginners and advanced yoga students. Our Aerial Yoga facility is situated on our roof terrace with views over La Jolla and out to the Ocean.

We have designed this foundational 200-hour yoga training curriculum in compliance with the industry standard but do not expect the generic experience. This training is for those students who want and need a clearer view of body mechanics and learn by doing. The body is a profound teacher and touch is healing on many levels.A heart opening experience which will allow you to grow spiritually as well as gathering a confident skill set to transform others with this profound work.

Sign up for Trilogy Sanctuary's 200hr Teacher Training here

Monday, January 12, 2015

Law Of Attraction Journey ~ Create The Life You desire

Happy New Year

Hope this finds you well and that you have the final pause in between the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season and the ending of 2014. And have found time to celebrate! Celebrate new intentions of becoming more of who you really are in 2015, a being fully connected to higher consciousness, meaning feeling absolute clarity and wisdom, health and well being more of the time.

Please join Marcy and I in discovering new ways of tapping into your life desires. We are extremely excited to be launching this Journey (a workshop) that has been a dream of ours! As a Law Of Attraction advocate I have wanted to share what I know about fine tuning our physical energy frequency for some time. And Marcy is a long time facilitator of helping people find their passion and purpose.

If LAO appeals to you and you are interested in finding out more please scroll down to see the specifics of this journey.

I am so pleased that Leila and Joe have agreed to share their beautiful Trilogy Sanctuary in La Jolla with us! I Could not have asked for better support than to team up with Marcy and Trilogy Sanctuary!

I hope you decide to join Marcy and I on this incredible Journey to Enlightenment (filling our body with Light/Love) remembering that lightness of being is our natural state.

Much love to you on your path.


  • Do you want to learn more about the law of attraction? 
  • How do thoughts turn to things?
  • How do my emotions affect my point of attraction and ultimately what manifests? 

Join Tah Groen and Marcy Morrison on a fun, interactive, inward journey to discover how to fall in love with yourself. 
As we explore the law of attraction we will come to understand the power behind thinking and feeling.
Using these basic concepts you can and will create the life that you want. Come join us to discover and live your passion and purpose.  

And most importantly you will learn how to envision who you are right Now as perfection.

 Marcy will start of the journey with a powerful exercise around falling in love with yourself to help you discover your passion and purpose.
Tah will then guide us on the next leg of the journey around creating the right energy and tapping into the law of attraction to manifest the life that you desire.   

 You will leave knowing the feeling of alignment and discover true empowerment.

This fast moving energy is attuned to your desires and can be easily accessed in this mastermind group of 10 as we co-create together. 

Together we will find new ways of unlocking habits of thought and to become receptive to higher consciousness.

When and Where
Saturday January 17th 2:00-5:00
Trilogy Sanctuary
7650 Girard Ave.#400
La Jolla, ca. 92037

Create The Life That You Desire Workshop is this Saturday! It is coming up soon! So please register to reserve your spot. Space is limited. Here is more information on what to expect.

To sent the tone for receptivity we will relax and release resistance in our body with some light yoga and breathe work. Therefore bring your yoga mat (if you have one if not we do) and wear comfortable clothing. 

In our receptivity Marcy will then guide us through an exercise designed to exploring deeper layers of our character and ultimately discover new ways to love and appreciate our creativity. 

I will share the keynotes on Law of Attraction and how easily we can pivote the way we feel into better and better feeling emotion. Using an incredible tool to re-focus and powerfully shift our point of attract dramatically and authentically.

There will be plenty of time for open dialogue and intimate exploration on a personal level. 
In closing our three hour journey into high frequency energy I will lead us through a guided meditation to solidify the vibrational shift as body memory. 

A memory to to draw upon at anytime that will immediately shift, refocus, a tune your body, mind, spirit into alignment to Source/your higher self/infinite intelligence. 

Looking forward to this journey together! Sign up soon space is limited.

We are vibrational beings 

We create our point of attraction by the way we feel.
Momentum moves either away or toward what is wanted. 
The universe does not hear what you say it hears what you mean.

On Our Journey to self love we will explore:

The basics of understanding vibration and frequency

Our Emotional guidance system

Point of Attraction

Inspiration verses motivation

Unconditional living ~ happiness from the inside out not based on external conditions.

Tah Groen
As a Law of Attraction advocate Tah is Inspired to share what she has learned about the laws of the universe. Discovering as co~creative partners new ways of turning our desired thoughts into things. Simply by remembering who we really are we become the allow~ers that we are meant to be-receivers of higher consciousness.

As example of living life authentically in alignment Tah inspires others to do the same. Alignment trumps everything.

To realize health & clarity, abundance & prosperity, Love & relationship, right here, right now in this time and space.

Tah has been involved with Yoga most of her life. She started practicing as a teenager. Inspired by a mentor to join a class at 16 sparked the yoga fire which has been burning ever since. After launching a sportswear line with her husband in the late 80′s and becoming a mother of two daughters, it was time for a healing change. Trusting in the age old adage, “Do what you love”, was the consistent echo in her mind. A pivotal time of transition, a powerful period in her life as she realized the path that called her. Do what you love clearly meant that she become a teacher. 

In 1996 working simultaneously within the health food industry as a reliable source for nutritional council and support, Tah’s yoga business grew. She was able to open one of the first yoga studios in La Jolla. Shakti Yoga was born. After enjoying this prime location for a handful of years she realized the benefit of being a mobile instructor. This was the next logical step for her since the established client base was corporate and private.

As she teaches she shares her healing touch of Reiki and Thai Yoga Therapy.

You can find Tah's teaching schedule at Trilogy Sanctuary and Buddhi Yoga

 to schedule a private session with Tah email

Thursday, October 09, 2014

If we are eternal beings?

If we are eternal beings? And we are. There is no right or wrong path. Any experience that is desired can be expansive. Whether it is to be born with Down Syndrome, to be born autistic, to be in a place where you are homeless. Remembering there are many lifetime and each one is an experience to be honored and cherished as physical expansion, leading-edge creating unique for each and significant to all. 

Significant not only for the one creating but for the collective. This life experience is our medium our unique way of contributing to global consciousness. We are on the leading edge developing new ways of thinking that literally shift our world. But of course the depth and true meaning of this power gets lost, as we are meant to discove new territory under the veil. I personally enjoy the revelation when I lift the veil, receiving glimpses of my expansive. Connecting to what is all knowing and all wise. My higher self. 

That is the point, explorers, just beyond our comprehension as we continuously reach for more knowing, more clarity, more Alignment. 

We are all in this together. Each and everyone of us contribute to the whole, and to the eternal expansion of all that is. More awareness, more knowing, more empowerment to be do or have what is wanted. 

We crave the variety of experiences given lifetime after lifetime. Or more poignantly acknowledging our experiences here in this time and space and fully appreciating them for what they are. Our powerful point of attraction leading us to more adventure. Yes! Celebrate our variety of chosen adventures as they all are contribute to the whole.

Do not under estimate the power of what you do or what anyone else is doing. Practice non judgment or better yet practice authentic appreciation for what anyone else chooses as their path. It's just an experience....and we are all in this together fully supported by all that is! Life is supposed to be good and it's really easy when the big picture comes into perfect view...that we can never get it wrong and it is never done! Clarity and Alignment trump everything!  

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Focus Wheel On Abundance

Tah Groen
Shifting frequency to feel more abundant this morning. Wanting to solidify the sensation of freedom, security, well being. All emotions that are naturally who I really am. Journaling...specifically a Focus Wheel process to pivot the wobble of my choice.

The center of my wheel states:

Focused on abundance naturally feels good. It is who I really am and is easier than I think.

The first statement to get me on the wheel:

Everything has perfect timing when my frequency is ready it will come. I can easily shift my energy. I do it all the time I got this too!

I then went around the wheel to continue goosing up the energy until I got to the 10th statement:

I love inspired action that calls me towards what is fun, exciting and fresh supporting all that I desire and expect. 

This process is profound and powerful! It will shift energy easily and quickly! Give it a try. Watch for the hot trigger spots in the day that spit you out of the Vortex (that's to say if you have been hanging out in it). Then use that subject as your next Focus Wheel. Highly effective tool to raise vibration. Find a Template here.

"Focus Wheel, a process that has been designed specifically to help you release resistance and focus you into your Vortex. And,in fact, the process itself mimics a swirling, attracting Vortex, which gathers momentum as it swirls." ... from The Vortex by Ester and Jerry Hicks... teachings of Abraham

“The vortex is where all cooperative components are being summoned…the vortex is where you rendezvous with all cooperative components.” Abraham

my version not as clean as the Focus Wheel Template but works.