Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Yoga Teacher Training Starts In August

Healing Touch Vinyasa Teacher Training

Summer/Fall 2016 August 10th~October 9th

Are you ready to take your practice or teaching to the next level? And transform yourself and your clients?

Gather the skills to deepen the yoga experience and develop confidence with hands on adjustments and body awareness.

Discover the multiple layers of yoga to empower your practice and connect to the inner Guru. If you are a yoga teacher this training will awaken intuitive self assured hands on healing knowledge; essential for working with private clients and or smaller class size. If you are a student wanting to explore how yoga becomes the instrument for profound change this healing work is for you, as we go together on a journey of Transformation.
"Never did I think yoga teacher training would be this amazing and life improving. All about bringing your yoga off the mat. Everyone should do it." ~ A recent Healing Touch Vinyasa teacher trainee
We have designed this foundational 200-hour yoga training curriculum in compliance with the industry standard and are officially registered with Yoga Alliance to qualify and issue certificates on completion of training, but do not expect the generic experience. This training is for those students who want and need a clearer view of body mechanics and learn by doing. The body is a profound teacher and touch is healing on many levels. 
A heart opening experience which will allow you to grow spiritually as well as gathering a confident skill set to transform others with this profound work. 

As a 200-hour Teacher Training student, you will learn these things:

  • Introduction to Thai Yoga Therapy ~ Thai Yoga Therapy Sequence documented in HTV TT Manual partnered with 2hrs of instructional video.
  • Introduction to Partner Yoga 
  • In Depth exploration of Asana, Alignment & Hands On Teaching
  • The Science and Art of Sequencing a Yoga Class or Private Session ~ Beginning & Intermediate Sequence documented in HTV TT manual partnered with 2hrs of Instructional Video. 
  • Knowledge of Energy, Frequency and Vibration ~ How Yoga Philosophy applies to Law Of Attraction (this concept sprinkled throughout the training & 3 hour workshop set aside for just this) 
  • Build confidence teaching through extensive in class practice as a lead teacher
  • Yoga History and Philosophy ~ Manual for the Philosophy/History Segment Compiled by Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D.
  • An Introduction into Mudra, Pranayama, Ayurveda and Meditation
  • An Introduction to Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga instruction
  • The Business of Yoga
  • In depth Exploration of Anatomy with David Keils 
  • An Introduction to Ceremony
  • A Private Introduction to your unique Human Design Chart with Tah

200-Hour Program Tuition Includes

Training Manual

Instructional Videos

Unlimited Yoga at Trilogy Sanctuary plus

One Aerial Yoga Class per week

Click here to find out about our Amazing teachers planned for Healing Touch Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Training Schedule 7 Weekends 7 Wednesdays 

Saturday & Sunday 8:00am - 5:00pm Wednesday nights 6:00-9:00

Training Days

  • Week #1 ~ Wed. 8/10, Saturday 8/13, Sunday 8/14
  • Week #2 ~ Wed. 8/17, Saturday 8/20, Sunday 8/21
  • Week #3 ~ Wed. 8/24, Saturday 8/27, Sunday 8/28
  • Week Off
  • Week #4 ~ Wed. 9/7, Saturday 9/10, Sunday 9/11
  • Week #5 ~ Wed. 9/14, Saturday 9/17, Sunday 9/18
  • Week #6 ~ Wed. 9/21, Saturday 9/24, Sunday 9/25
  • Week Off
  • Week #7 ~ Wed. 10/5, Saturday 10/8, Sunday 10/9

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