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Human Design and the Art of Keynoting

The Human Design system has such deep complexity, layers and layers of keynotes used to describe the Human experience. Keynotes are descriptive word formulas that become the core of analysis in Human design. Keynotes are available for every aspect of Human Design data.
It is the essential skill of stringing together Keynotes which becomes the "art" of a professional reading. It is in the art of stringing key descriptive words that we begin to see the data unravel, to reveal the subtle and not so subtle complexities within each unique Human Design Mandala.
In Lynda Stone's level I analyst training we are forming a cohesive article of Keynotes used in this system. The chart we used is our own design. Let us see what I came up with!

Introduction of my Type

I am a Manifesting Generator in Human Design. This type of auric field makes up 33% of the population. There are two types of Generators, Manifesting Generators, who have a direct connection to the throat, and pure Generators, no direct channel of energy flowing to the throat. Out of all four auric types Generators make up 70% of humanity, the majority of the planet. This collective field of energy coming from the sacral center is so powerful, that it is considered in HD as the life force which runs the planet.

To describe the generators auric field; it is meant to envelope the other types (projector, manifestor, reflector) with this vital and fertile creative life force energy. Hence the name Generators we "generate" the growth and movement on the planet, we are the builders. When we allowing the correct Sacral response from deep within the body to resonate correctly as Generators we have the potential capacity to transform and heal the planet's energy.

This correct life force will permeate and energize, instead of fatigue and frustration. It will naturally wake up the entire planet as generator wake up to this vital powerful regenerative field of consciousness and it will have the potential to positively affect the other types.

A significant difference between a manifesting generator and a pure generator is the efficiency in which, after correctly responding with the body’s sacral sounds, one can have access to manifesting energy. As a result of having immediate access to a powerful motor, movement toward action happens fairly quickly. Which if not responding correctly as yourself can lead easily into manifesting frustration, anger and feelings of being stuck.

The powerful pull to manifest, to take action, to initiate movement of energy is coming from the mind. Utilizing the mind to guide the life as a generator is not self behavior and can move one away from purpose and direction that is naturally programed into the body.

Simply waiting for the correct internal response from the sacral center is the guide for the life force energy on the planet. This system of response requires fine tuning and consistency to master. Yet once the skill is developed, it can be successfully utilized to guide the life.

The life them becomes one of ease, incorporating a natural flow that pulls to us the people, places and things that satisfy. A perfect system, a down stream flow- comfortable in a passenger (the busy thinking mind) who can trust in the driver (physical body) to guide the life!

My Profile 6/3

As an unusual profile 6/3's have a transformative evolutionary cycle, that develops over time and within an easily recognized three stage process. 6/3's have a drive to experience life completely. This can be incredibly mutative, and an essential element to progression toward becoming an optimistic Role Model.

For the first 30 years a 6/3 goes through a trial and error process. Then in order to recover, a healing takes place "on the roof". The "on the roof" of a 6/3 is significantly different than for the 6/2.

For a 6/3 it is more of a coming and going, up and down, down and up the roof. The reason for 6/3's coming out of retreat is a tempting new experience, in the hopes of creating a new and better foundation. But once off only finding more trial and error experience. So it is then back to retreat. A perfect way to continue healing.

We as a 6/3 profile arrive, when optimism out weighs the pessimism. To be able to survive in tack the trauma and chaos of the first 30 years brings out the eternal optimist. Of course as optimists we see the gifts in our experience. The intense pressure had purpose, vast wisdom gained through a wide range of experiences now available to share to the collective.

As the energy is triple split in my Design:

The key to connecting the split parts to form a whole for me, is being in direct contact with others energy fields. Having available a variety of auric energy, will quickly bring in energy to connects the three separate parts.

The head and Ajna to Throat via Gate 23; helping me to articulate

The Ego to Spleen Gate 44; manipulation of ego energy

The Ego to G Gate 25; Spiritual Innocence

Spleen to Throat Gate 16; enthusiastically tapping into skill and depth

The connection of the split has a positive effect for the Triple split definition. Ideally creating alignment within the split definition. Allowing for clarity and efficient use of the Mind for an outer authority.

Keynoting can be fun and playful ...

As I sit in a cafe to find clarity of mind in order to get my knowing out to the collective. The pressure to achieve something of value will be relieved. Wanting depth on many levels will be satisfied and the urge to correct and judge myself will be less. Feeling comfort in spirit, knowing that the wisdom comes from being innocent. I again gain enthusiasm for the skills that are being built upon, in order to gain material and future successes.

As the energy is spread evenly throughout out the centers in the body the "not self " focus for me is on the open centers.

...which are the Root and the Solar Plex.

Here in the root we have incredible pressure to hurry, to get on to the next thing to hurry up about. My task is understanding pressure and stress. This is where I am learning my life lessons, gaining wisdom through mastering the bodies response to this powerful adrenal pressure.

The second open center for me is the Emotional System the Solar Plex. The Solar Plex is another powerful center. It has everything to do with the emotional wave, from hope to pain. When undefined in a chart (white verses colored) centers amplify energy of the same center that comes into contact with it. So I am amplifying Emotional beings around me.

My task here is to allow the emotional wave to move through me. To practice being in the flow as I allow and surrender through the sea of emotions that bombard this sensitive center. Not to take on the negative heavy frequency as my own "stuff".

If simple boundaries are maintained. I am able to not be fearful to confront emotional issues. And the openness to intimacy that I desire is achieved. Quite the opposite pattern of avoiding confrontation and truth.

Keynotes in a paragraph

The correct way to operate as a generator is to wait to respond. This means responding to life as it comes. When the patience to wait becomes habitual a natural rhythm can develop. Instead of frustration, a logical system that inspires clarity and continued satisfaction, develops.

Rather than the mind trying to rule the life I have correct intuitive response directing the life. I can then celebrate success, on a spiritual and material level. This type of empowered action allows for progress and growth., instead of crisis and shock.

Inspired action shared but only in response feels good and builds on future events and intimate relationships. Establishing clarity via inner guidance moves the power to the vehicle rather than relying on the mind to rule the life. From doubt to ease the body confirms the direction.

New direction full of opportunities for successful experience becomes a matter of being in the right place at the right time via strategy and authority. Even if within the experiential way, I find it full of trial and error. Know too that this is correct for me, an essential ingredient to seasoned wisdom. A wisdom to draw upon., wisdom gained in order to develop into the Optimistic Role Model.

My definition

Channel of Power Design an an archetype: 57.2-34.4- unconscious

A channel connected to survival and the ability to respond instinctively to life. This instinct is rooted in intelligent response. A reaction within the moment, the flash of fight or fright. A message that can only come from the NOW. Is acoustic in nature. The channel of an archetype reveals a deep Intuitive response. This is a direct connection to the generator's response mechanics of the Sacral center in gate 34.

Gate 34. power/part of integration/demand of power-for individual expression-survival system-empowers intuition/intuitive-/part of perfected form/part of need to be busy/essential to be acting out of response…for the common good

Gate 57 intuition-empowerment-integration-individual-clarity/possible confusion overpower clarity/fear of tomorrow

Channel of Discovery Design of succeeding where others fail: 46.1 conscious -29.6 unconscious

This is a pure generative channel based on responding to life with a sense of discovery the experience. Art for Arts sack for the sake of the experience itself. The reward is the reflection and examination of the experience or discovery from the perspective of the past.

Keynote:respond,existential,abstract,reflection, in the moment

Gate 46-determination/self-discovery/love of body /Spiritual tantric/honor the vehicle/right place at the right time.

Gate 29- Perseverance/ the gate of saying yes

Channel of money Design of a Materialist: 45.6 red-21.1 black
Focus on what “ I do have”, I manifest more success both materially and spiritually avoiding the “anger and annoyance” associated with this channel.
Gate 45 voice "I have and do not have"/possessive/gatherer-head of tribe/support/teacher/education/leader/role as a guide
Gate 21 control/demand/tribal/direct influence either positive or negative/drives the tribe/interaction take essence of tribe to the tribe/maintain/rebellion/willful

Channel of Abstraction/Design of mental activity and clarity: 64.6-47.6 & 47.4 red.
This channel represents the minds ability to focus on something and be “very, very busy”, looking for some sort of clarity. This is not done in a specific pattern of logical sequence,but in an abstract non-sequential way. Thus the mind allowing thought to circle around and around in order to see all sides. sides. This process usually involves imagery related to the past, creating clarity over time.

Gate 64 confusion or clarity, collective, abstraction, mental, emotional system, wave, sensing, metal pressure, interpret, conceptual from past mystery, experiential, not restrictive, diverse, ideas not confused but diversify the confusion into clarity….
Gate 47 pressure to make sense of experience/past memories/abstract oppression/ restrictive/clarity over time/consistently wanting to get rid of negative thought…training to move from negative to positive.
Channel of Logic/ Design of mental ease mixed with doubt: 63.6-4.4 black
The thinking process due to this Logical channel allows for ease and comfort in the ability to organize thought. The value here comes from the synthesis of logical patterns both from a perspective of doubt and a possibility of solution, creating a pathway to understanding the whole, ultimately sharing the “answers” with society.

Gate 63 logic/ease and doubt/beneficial soothing logic pressure satisfying/filters/consistent/work over the patters and doubts/Questioning until the doubts are satisfied.

Gate 4 conceptual/certainty of concept due to definition logical answers/solutions succeed/freedom from retribution/logical protects us/in preparation for future solutions

Integrating the channels

I intuitively move into life's experiences with a sense of discovery to respond

and ultimately reflect. This knowing and wisdom moves me to manifest on multiple levels creating success both monetarily and spiritually.

Random Keynotes on the Gates Defined within my design

Gate 51 initiation/needing to be first/shock/adaptation/recognition/ego gate/commitment and rest/power/dynamic work and rest/drive/competitive.

Gate 48 The well/depth/for common good/most collective/must share/correction/detail/practical/trivial or serious/trying to be what it is not? Waiting to be recognized for depth…seeking talent.

Gate 18 correction/learn how to challenge for the future…making the future better..critical/challenge authority-collective-will share

Gate 42 essential for growth/increase/format/experiential growth/new beginning never get to the end… movement/diversification/new experiential/natural response to get into new experience then satisfied with a complete experience

Gate 43 insight/acoustic/talkative/mind looking for better efficiency/new order mutation/beneficial of value to the other/structuring insight to expression/ presenting individuality intellectually.

Gate 26 egoist salesman commercial/soldier immune system willpower material manipulative trickster fight for the tribe/protection

Gate 57 intuition empowerment integration individual clarity possible confusion overpower clarity/fear of tomorrow acoustic

Gate 15 Modesty/rhythm/extremes "love of humanity" /identity /collective/logical/behavior

Gate 35 Progress/change/experiential/abstract/ never completely fulfilling/must share/reflection/"been there done that" =transcendence /possible boredom/wanting a new experience.

Gate 6 Conflict/friction/emotional/must wait for clarity/intimacy/tribal/source of emotions/needs desire passion/all three waves/ yet seems non emotional/responds to touch/ mating/open or closed

Gate 14 Possession in great measure/material/fertile/power skills/use of energy correctly/individual/mutative/unique/direction/fuel for the driver (gate 2)/essential to have good fuel

Remember the mind's ultimate role is as an outer authority for others, meant to inspire and interpret data. Intellectual awareness that can be utilized and easily accessed by the collective moving society/family from confusion to clarity.


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