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Trilogy Sanctuary Teachers for our Fall Healing Touch Vinyasa Teacher Training

Tah Groen and Arati Lane are co-teaching as lead teachers for our Fall Healing Touch Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (200hr Yoga Alliance approved RYS) between the two of them they have over 40 years teaching experience. They have planned a well rounded curriculum of Asana (yoga postures) training to Ayurveda principles.  (For more information go to

Lead Teachers

Tah Groen

Tah has been involved with Yoga most of her life. She started practicing as a teenager. Inspired by a mentor to join a class at 16 sparked the yoga fire which has been burning ever since. After launching a sportswear line with her then husband in the late 80′s and becoming a mother of two daughters, it was time for a healing change. Trusting in the age old adage, “Do what you love”, was the consistent echo in her mind. A pivotal time of transition, a powerful period in her life as she realized the path that called her. Do what you love clearly meant that she become a teacher....continue reading...

Arati Lane

Originally from Germany started practicing Yoga in 1989 in N.Y.C. She travelled to New York city as a deep seeker ready to explore life and herself. Her original calling was to study acting in the big city but soon realized she was being pulled strongly to Yoga.She knew she was in the perfect place as her personal practice developed at the hands of  Jivamukhti Yoga Center teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life. Arati's teaching career started with a strong  Asana practice including chanting and meditation as well as the study of traditional yogic texts. In the end she left New York state as a 500 hour certified yoga teacher completing her training at Sivananda Yoga Ranch in upstate N.Y. ...continue reading...

Throughout the three month training we will have select guest teachers who include:

Our Special Guest Yoga Teacher Doug Swenson will Launch our Healing Touch Vinyasa Teacher Training off with a bang!

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Tahirih Linz 

Tahirih will be sharing a full day with us. Her topics include mindful food choices as well as her love of meditation, intuition and internal guidance practices. All meant to allow us to tap into the Guru within. She will also briefly touch on Ayurvedic eating. 

Read more about Tahirih here 
Tahirih has a passion for nourishing food that encourages vitality and healing emerged from her childhood in rural Alaska. Making, growing, and hunting or catching food was a major part of life. She observed the differences in health and wellness among native population that followed a traditional diet and those that had adopted the “white man’s” diet of processed, packaged foods. Having lived her adult life in more urban environments, She understands how confusing food and nutrition are for most people.

Olivia Cecchettini 

Olivia is one of Trilogy Sanctuary's Staff Teachers and has developed a heart opening workshop designed to awaken the spiritual power found within the Anahata (heart chakra) that she will share with us during the last weekend of Training.

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Olivia’s yoga journey began in 2003. As her practice deepened into a daily ritual she began to feel a healing and transformation occur in her life. This inspired her first steps towards teaching and she then began to explore the intricate studies of yoga and spirituality. With over 450 hours of training Olivia is certified in Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, and most recently Aerial Yoga. Graduating with a Masters in Spiritual Psychology in 2010 she believes the mind, body, soul connection is a sacred one. Her classes are a safe space for students to begin to explore and expand within their own bodies and consciousness.

James Beard
James is a Pranayama expert and has written a book on the importance of breathwork to transform self.
We ask him.... What is Breathwork?
Breathwork is a phenomenally, mind-altering, aerobic exercise designed to help you understand yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually live a healthier, more joyful life.
Breathwork is a physical, mental, and emotional exercise that encompasses your whole being meeting you right where you are at and has the potential to put you in direct contact with your true self.

James is scheduled to teach his Breathwork/Pranayama workshop late November.

Leila Dora

Leila will be sharing her amazing knowledge and creativity within the silk hammock. Ariel yoga is "flying yoga" and takes the yoga experience into a whole new realm. 

Leila Dora is one of the owners of Trilogy Sanctuary. She teaches vinyasa yoga, as well as Aerial Yoga. She is Reiki certified and a qualified nutritional counselor.

All the trainees have included in tuition a once a week Aerial Yoga class.

Aerial Yoga is a form of Yoga that uses hammocks to deepen stretches and take your Yoga to entirely new heights. This playful style is able to release tension in the body, especially the spine, by creating decompression in the joints. It creates a new level of strength building, balance and a dynamic and unique approach to many of the traditional yoga poses. We have a range of classes, ranging from gentle stretching and floating classes to Strength building, flips, tricks, and conditioning classes. Aerial Yoga is suitable for beginners and advanced yoga students. Our Aerial Yoga facility is situated on our roof terrace with views over La Jolla and out to the Ocean.

We have designed this foundational 200-hour yoga training curriculum in compliance with the industry standard but do not expect the generic experience. This training is for those students who want and need a clearer view of body mechanics and learn by doing. The body is a profound teacher and touch is healing on many levels.A heart opening experience which will allow you to grow spiritually as well as gathering a confident skill set to transform others with this profound work.

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