Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sharp-shinned Hawk in the back yard

Wow! What an amazing sight! In my quaint and I mean quaint, as in small fenced in yard where I garden. I was pleasantly surprised by a sudden appearance from this Red-tailed hawk. He was quite regal and seemed out of place here, yet I had time to grab the camera and sneak ever so slowly, hearing the loud squeaking of the sliding screen door as never before. He did not abandon limb too quickly and I was able to snap a few far away shots, of which I cropped tight and one is seen here.

My fascination with these birds is so long standing, in fact I have a Hawk feather by my bed which was given to me by my Mother and so apropo it makes me think of her. I am always gazing up to the sky in hopes of seeing one, especially as I'm driving, yes I know probably not a good idea for it is even harder than talking on the cell phone to do.

But I can not resist for a soaring bird of prey is so majestic and magical. It is an inspiration to my day to witness that, a small pause into reflection, allowing me to believe I to can fly, the sense of freedom and expansion permeates from soarer to witness.
So the gift of this magnificent creature was well received and greatly appreciated. I hope he comes again and this time I'll get out the telephoto lens.

Sharp-shinned Hawk


Jacy said...

this is a gorgeous shot. i just wanted to let you know that what you captured was a sharp shinned hawk, a member of the accipiter family, rather than a red tailed hawk.

still very amazing! these are the birds that are often seen picking songbirds right off bird feeders.

Tah Groen said...

Thanks for that jacy... fixed the post to Sharp-shinned hawk...

WaterLearner said...

Great Shot!!

Morae said...

If you are ever in Atlanta take the time to stop by the Atlanta History Center, we have a small family of red tailed hawks on the campus. I think currently we have three, a mama and two of last years babies. If you do make it down and ask they are known by their not so regale common name the chicken hawk :)