Monday, August 20, 2007

Just do it!

As it is my nature to be self analytical. I had to question this notion of resistance and flow, and I found such resistance in the area that I would have to say is a one of my challenges; Procrastination or resistance to doing something NOW instead of later.

As the story goes; A private yoga client of mine-who is in the middle of decorating his home and a having a blast seeking out artworks that resonate with his tastes and lifestyle... by surrounding himself with things that are significant and have meaning to him-mentions that he wants a surfboard with a fisherman on it, to represent his love of the ocean and fishing. I am taken aback and pleasantly thrilled for I had such an image within my sketch book.

One glorious beach-day here in La Jolla last Summer, I had an incredible opportunity to sketch a young fisherman casting his line right from shore. To top off this sincronicity my xhusband and father of my two daughters manufactures surfboards, a match made in heaven.......yes? So why did it take me so (with a long oooo) long to finally do it?

So why was I waiting till later?..... the resistance...... the letting go......fear of failure...... it actually permeates all areas of life even the projects the should be filled with the joy of being creative. Yet personally I had a story here the old voice "am I going to be good enough" (my inflated ego, for it does not matter whether your good or bad you just are). Thus I was waiting to do it later. I was afraid and was not up for the challenge. I let the the old outdated patterns of self doubt and criticism announce itself in my ears as the inner-voice, simply put, the self sabotage innate within our humanness reflected here. I kept asking myself when? When is a good time to do this? What was going to trigger me to get going? How was I going to do it? Where do I get the paper and what about the surfboard? All excuses not to do it...procrastination.

A shift, a break, a peace.....I can not say why... maybe the house was clean, the shopping was done, the air temp was right, who knows.....For once the process began the ball started rolling and the ease, flow and grace was set in motion. The Lesson here is to start. Go for it. Just do it. The way will be shown, trust is key. Believe that the powers that be are in the being, the doing is taken out of the equation once the beginning is past, the finish is inevitable. If the struggle is allowed to be given away, and instead left in its place is the simple stillness and the quinsencential belief in the higher self that is consistently present to guide you. This is the key. Get out of your own way. This goes for all things sports,art,work,parenting,relationships. Just do it Thank you Nike!

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Anonymous said...

That is some excellent advice
Too many people just pass on their good ideas and never do what they truly want to do
I love the surf boards- really awesome design.