Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Higher Self~ "Listen To Me"

Funny I was worried about being "not connected" and "doing to many things" and here today revealed to me as the very first card I pull in the Ask Your Guides Cardsis the Epiphany/Higher Self card.

"Congratulations" it says you are in fact getting out of your head and connection more directly to an inner voice, the Higher Self, my Soul.

I am amazed with this incredible coincidence....I read on to discover more. That when I defer to my higher self as my guide, my life becomes a dance and the synchronised flow is revealed. A rhythm and flow based on the " surrender of the ego".

A relevant and recent journal entry exploring the power hidden within the higher self......

The times I remember this and can heal seem to be more and more. This "overlapping" to heal multidimensional is the energy needed to clear frequencies that open paths to higher learning,to accept the vibration easily into my physical body, letting go readily of pain, hurt, sorrow that is no longer required for my learning.

I shift to a learning full of immediate abundance. Filling my life with beauty, wisdom and love that I am so capable of. Enjoying the presence of spirit in all that I do. Clearing away the fear and holding that keeps me in the dark and bring in an energy that attracts harmony, grace, ease, abundance, health and joy. As I do and allow this to be a part of my spiritual practice, I am surrendering to my Higher Self.

My Higher Self is my guide always. I then see, hear, feel her around and with me. As her presence becomes me fully, I am her. The perceived future of Her is me Now! That is what now is. It is the recognition of this highest spiritual place. The knowing that the essence of being Tah (me) as her highest self is in the Now.

This is how multidimensional realities are changed. All realities are possible for they are already here and the future is in the Now. So accepting and recognizing that my future self (the self that I perceive to be evolved and enlightened) as being present here Now. That is all that I need to know.

Because we all blink in and out of the one in the same void at the deepest level of reality, where all times and spaces converge, we are the same being of conciousness now and forevermore. John Jay harper / Tranceformers.

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