Sunday, October 21, 2007

Orb Captured at June Lake

Fascinating to think this may be an Orb. Recently on a trip to Mammoth lakes here in California after a vigorous hike up to Fern Lake on the June Lake loop, I had reason unbeknownst to me to turn and shoot a quick photo of this lone tree shimmering in the early afternoon light. I have shown this image to a few people and everyone seems to see different images within the Orb. Some believe and some don't believe.

Intrigued I start googling and here are two sites that show the extreme gap in belief on "Orbs". The Orb Goddess, I don't have to say which side of the fence she is on and then the opposite extreme a site that is dedicated to the technical aspect of why and how Orbs appear in photos.

So you decide, I am here for the ride and to have fun. But I do hope I end up taking more ~ that is the fun part. I want the thrill of the story...the two Native American women giving a sacred dance to spirit and awakening the love of Mother Nature in us all......

This photo from Coast to Coast a well know website and a late night radio show which explores paranormal issues, just posted this similar orb photo.

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