Sunday, December 30, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Inspiration to all creators for the coming New Year!

I came across this incredible article from the New York Times written by Rob Walker on the Handmade trend happening on a world wide scale.

Rob Walker writes the Consumed column for the magazine. His book, “Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are,” will be published by Random House next June.

Within this extensive article I am drawn to this section when the reporter is in the middle of an Etsy Headquarters tour, presently stopping at Kalin's (Etsy founder) desk to chat...

Kalin is 27 and seems even younger, with boyish features and reddish hair. Serious in a way that could be read as either earnest or deadpan, he told me the stories behind a stuffed animal and an interesting metal sculpture on his desk, both from Etsy sellers. He then handed me a piece of crocheted bacon. In order to explain his company, he offered me a seat and reached for a book. It was a children’s book, about a fish named Swimmy. He pulled his chair closer and read aloud. The upshot was that a whole bunch of little fish gang up and begin swimming in a formation that resembles one huge fish, thus warding off predators. In their formation, the fish named Swimmy assumes the position where the eye would be. Kalin closed the book. “We want to be the eye,” he said, in case I’d missed the point. “Like Swimmy.”

So... the amazing symbolism in a children's book addressing the issue of mass consciousness. I see it as a community (our Etsy community) getting together to change the way the world does business... so profound that I am blown away at the seer power that we as an Etsy community (i.e. the world civilization) has, an ability to move mountains.

A massive awakening that is inherently sound and instinctually correct, a movement of core values back to the empowerment of the individual. The evolution back to handmade, and the inevitable shift in corporate power away from mass production to the above mentioned handmade. A title-wave of movement that can transform and literally heal our planet.

In the end we are stronger as a collective to manifest such a dynamic change. So it is key for us as a collective consciousness to be aware of our competition in the marketplace as an ally. As partners within the "Swimmy school" to generate the powerful energy required to shift corporate power to the individual community and ultimately to support and empower the family. We have this ability to support and be supported!

So I celebrate your success and I wish you all the Best in the coming New Year!

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