Monday, December 10, 2007

Human Design and my Bodygraph.....

I am currently studying the system of Human Design to become a certified analyst and thought I would share my bodygraph, and some of my defined channels. This Human Design Rave/Body Chart system is all base on the date, place and time of birth.

"It is a science about auras: how they work, how they interact, so that you can function through your precise energy and be fully honest." You can find out more about your bodygraph for free by going to the Human Design America web page. Have fun!

Manifesting Generator/ 6/3 profile

Channel of Power/Design an an archetype: 57.2-34.4 all red
A channel connected to survival and the ability to respond instinctively to life. This
Instinct is rooted on intelligent response a reaction within the moment, the flash of
fight or fright. A message that can only come from the NOW. The channel of an
archetype reveals a deep Intuitive response that allows one to tap into the vital life
force energy.
keynote: “I am the one that has the power to survive”
Is possibly one of the most arrogant channels

Channel of Discovery/Design of succeeding where others fail: 46.1 black-29.6 red
This is a pure generative channel based on responding to life with a sense of discovery
for the sake of the experience itself. The reward is the reflection and examination of the
experience or discovery from the perspective of the past.

Channel of Power/Design of a Materialist: 45.6 red-21.1 black
I allow my fears of being out of control go, to make room for genuine experience. Not
to avoid emotional confrontation (i.e. open emotional center) As I am focused on what
“ I do have”, I manifest more success both materially and spiritually avoiding the “anger
and annoyance” associated with this channel.

Channel of Abstraction/Design of mental activity and clarity: 64.6-47.6 & 47.4 red
This channel represents the minds ability to focus on something and be “very, very busy”
looking for some sort of clarity. This is not done in a specific pattern of logical sequence,
but in an abstract non-sequential way. Thus the mind allowing thought to circle around
and around in order to see all sides.This process usually involves imagery related to the
past, creating clarity over time.

Channel of Logic/ Design of mental ease mixed with doubt: 63.6-4.4 black
The thinking process due to this Logical channel allows for ease and comfort in the ability
to organize thought. The value here comes from the synthesis of logical patterns both
from a perspective of doubt and a perspective of solution, creating a pathway to
understanding the whole, ultimately sharing the “answers” with society.

Integrating the channels
I intuitively move into life's experiences with a sense of discovery to respond
and ultimately reflect. This knowing and wisdom moves me to manifest on multiple levels creating
success both monetarily and spiritually.

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