Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Abraham on The Stream - Esther Hicks

I can't tell you how I keep coming back to this video for inspiration and good feeling stuff. For I know that the better I feel the better it gets!

So if you can get it...right now... understanding that life is in a natural flow. I would suggest to you that you take this opportunity, in a 10 minute break, to step away from the busyness of life to watch something amazing and be inspired!


Allison said...

YES!! Out of all the spiritual stuff I've studied, I always come back to Abraham. It's so simple and straightforward, and it just plain works. The process is a joy and the results are a joy. I love Abraham and I'm so thrilled to see you have this video on your blog!

Inspire Your Mind said...

Thank you for sharing this motivational video with us.. it's the first time I come across your blog and I'm happy I did so..

I think I'll post this video on my blog as well, it's really up-lifting..

Please stay in touch and come and visit my blog any time.. I think we have common interests :)