Monday, April 14, 2008

Horse Power

The horse a symbol of pure power and absolute freedom.

Recently I had the amazing experience of photographing this show horse, whose name just happens to be Absolute Joy a.k.a. "Joey". The rare opportunity to photograph him in a ring with no halter was all of the above powerful and freeing. Reminding me in a profound way of my innate freedom of being and the joy in living each moment fully present in the now.

The exhilaration I felt as this huge magnificent creature posed so poignantly for my camera, as if to say yes "I am all that", Left me in such awe. I am literally moved to tears at the presence and beauty of the animal in front of me. A profound and memorable moment to be called upon again for my own vision quests.

As I contemplate... going deeper into who am I. I realize this witness of raw power has significance. That pure vibrant energy is available and present to all. Joey's sacred Horse energy represents the symbolic reminder of what I already know, the holy grail of spirituality, that we too are "all that" and in this we find our freedom.

I continue my musing as I am home, pulling out my long forgotten medicine cards, to find out more on Horse energy. I am so pleased to study, finding out that Horse energy represents not only the obvious physical power but also spiritual power. In fact the image is used extensively in shamanistic journeying to assist in the unearthly travels both through the upper and lower worlds.

The white stallion guides the dreamwalker to seek power but only in wisdom. The true power of being comes from remembering to have empathy for others, to be fully present and aware. The wisdom in knowing that responsibility is to be carried in balance inorder to be effective. Compassion, caring, teaching, loving, and sharing is the pathway toward the inner power of being.

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The Nature Nut said...

How beautiful! I feel calmed and soothed just from having read your blog. Thank you :o)

woolies said...

great shots of Joey. I have two horses..there is nothing like the majesty of a horse. Riding is spiritual for me..communication with my horses is like no other animal. Did you know that sometimes, if the connection between you and horse is very strong, when riding - if you look to the right, your horse will go to the right?

teri said...

As a little girl, I had a horse. She was not as beautiful as Joey but I too felt her power. It was amazing to be able to disappear for a whole day on the back of such a powerful but gentle animal. What adventures we had! I miss those days.