Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mercury retrograde.... no wonder...

Mercury in retrograde is a great time to review and renew. A time to allow stillness, to revamp intentions and reflect on what is important now in this new year. Mercury in retrograde has a perfect energy to deepen awareness to self, finding out what really matters to you.

As the lines of communication are being tested during Mercury in retrograde, a slow and steady pace will bring much needed relief.

This takes patience, but more specifically, it takes being dominantly focused on alignment. The inner knowing and intentional willingness to want to feel better. .... and no you are not stuck.

In the words of Abraham and Hicks
We are focalized Consciousness, specifically responding to the vibration that you manage in your asking.
--- Abraham

Being in alignment to higher purpose does feel good. And all will flow perfectly as connection to source is the predominant intent. Staying focused and in a calm state takes more effort now. If letting go can be considered an action, possibly?.

Now that we have a bit of communication challenge between this Mercury in retrograde which falls between December 26th and January 15th to reflect and renew. It is important to be consciously connected to who you really are, stay as "focalized Consciousness".

And of course keys to staying focused and in the "Vortex" fully connected to this amazing sense of well-being; adequate diet and exercise. But most importantly time taken to enjoy life. Life is supposed to be fun!

Victoria's Astro-Updates, Mercury Retrograde

Once again, it's time to get ready for another Mercury Retrograde! Oh, boy, right? Mercury is the planet that rules communication, travel, cars, electronics, computers, appliances, and the general flow of things in daily life. When it goes retrograde, that means Mercury is at the far part of it's orbit around the Sun, so it looks as if it is going backwards, in relation to the earth. Of course, planets do not go backwards, at least not in the Solar System we live in, but when a planet goes retrograde, its influence on us seems to go in a reverse direction to the "norm." That's why Murphy's law seems to operate so much more frequently during these periods. Things just aren't flowing they way they usually do. This retrograde should be particularly interesting because it falls during such a sensitive part of the Election. I can't wait to see what kind of wild "miscommunication" might come out of that!

Mosty, Mercury Retrograde is more of a pain in the butt than a major catastrophy. Things break down, cars have to go in the shop, people miss appointments, we get into more tiffs with friends through miscommunication, computers go on the fritz more, travel plans get messed up more, and people from the past show up in droves. Remember, it's not always bad, but can be confusing and frustrating if we expect things to go the way they usually do. The following is a brief synopsis of what to expect during the weeks to come and the significant dates associated with this event, which happens about 3 times each year.

1. Don't buy a new car, appliance, or computer unless you absolutely have to. I probably will have problems or have to be returned. I don't even buy new clothes during Mercury Retrograde unless I have to.
2. Get your car tuned up and checked up if you have the least bit of suspicion about it.
3. Expect something to go wrong with your computer and back up your files, carefully.
4. Know that people aren't communicating as well and be patient.
5. Know that you aren't communicating as well, and try to be clear.
6. Enjoy chance meetings with old friends and get in touch with people from your past.
7. Take a trip down memory lane and dig up your old photos and journals.
8. Be careful with travel, check and double check your itinerary and expect possible delays.
9. Avoid signing contracts if possible.
10. Keep and extra set of keys around.
11. Be introspective, connect to your dreams, meditate, and take a DEEP BREATH.
12. If you don't have to start a new job or business project during this period, that would be good.
13. Be a lot nicer to people and explain yourself clearly. People are more confused and frustrated than usual and could use your extra TLC. It's nice to be the person who can be helpful during this period, rather than part of the problem.
14. Just because your old boyfriend, girlfriend, ex-husband or wife calls you and wants to get together, do not necessarily take this as a sign from the Universe that you are supposed to get back together. This kind of stuff always happens during Mercury Retrograde, and is more often than not just at "Review Session" so you can get some perspective or some closure about that person/relationship.

Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rap, but if you just take the time to tune in to the change in the energy, you'll do just fine. And if the you-know-what hits the fan, if you are being mindful and centered, you'll react to it a lot more effectively.

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