Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I thought I would share my Introduction letter for my Human Design Analyst Program...

Tah Groen
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Hi ALL!....

I am so excited to be studying HD together with all of you this year. What an incredible time that we live in. I am so grateful to be able to learn something so profound as Human Design within the ease and grace of my own home... via an internet connection.

I live in San Diego with two teenage daughters ages 18 and 16. They both are projectors, which is a whole story in itself.... I was introduced to human design by one of my private yoga clients. She had heard of HD from John on Kauai where she visits frequently and has family.

I have been practicing Yoga for over 12 years, and have an established private cliental. This income base has allowed me to design and sell jewelry, which is an incredible outlet for my fixed Mind and Ajna. A very busy mind with the Channel of Abstraction and Logic connecting both centers up.

What has Human Design given me personally?

The incredible discovery in allowing myself to be myself...spoken like a generator to know myself...ha.ha.
You projectors out there who are here to know the other. I need your help to guide me in the right direction...and yes, I will invite you.

This must be why I have two daughters as projectors, they are my mirror and my best teachers. I find projectors very wise, for I have a few others present in my life that I bounce off of (or I could say aura-ically absorb).

From the studies I have been able to recognize myself in the Rave mandala. I am literally able to feel the resonance within me (must be my channel of the archetype...that deep intuitive response in the now).

One of the most profound insights I gained from my Body-graph came from a moment in a study group where we were working on reading the detriments in our chart (the hots spot in the energy of the body graph). The source, the I'Ching. My particular gate 45.3 unconscious and in detriment (in my sun)

"An aggressive and often violent reaction to exclusion. the expression of frustration when not included in a material process."

I was incredibly moved. By reading who I was so clearly... no denial was allowed, only realization of a deep truth surfaced. I had an emotional clearing, a major ah ha moment, from a cellular level. It was as if I time travelled to being a child, when I was not recognized and I was excluded. OMG. (please remember my 6/3 profile... double trail and error as my life experience)

...and here is the insight. I was never allowed to express any of that power, that aggression, that frustration, the deep denial of me being me was huge. I was humbled and humbled again and again...and this is where the clearing came in, the releasing of old pain. The sadness and frustration of not being heard, not being recognized came pouring out.

Wow! What a relief to know deep down how hard that time was for me...by reading the I'Ching, I was being recognized for who I really was and it is good, it is okay...I am now able to recognize the gate of dominance (45) as the power that it is and use it wisely.

I am able to express and take action claiming my power again, and knowing that I have access to it in a big way (even as an unconscious I feel it strongly). This realization has "empowered" my life in a many ways. I am still learning to communicate with this voice. A voice of, "I have or don't have".

To say it differently:
What I desire and what I don't desire.
What I intend and what I don't intend.
What I want and what I don't want.

Knowing this is my way to communicate, has allowed my voice to be heard in a more genuine way. But most importantly, it has allowed me to embrace the side of myself that was denied before.

The ability to understand and accept that part of me that is powerful, instead of passively being conditioned by past experiences to ignore the strength in this voice. With this knowledge I have become more confident and decisive with my life direction, and I am in love with that.

....and want to share and empower other to do the same.

Tah Groen

For more Info on the Class I am enrolled in go to, Lynda Stone's Web Page

The Human Design System

You come into the world with unique talents, gifts and a purpose. You have a blue print, a Design that is perfect for you. Your Design reflects your contribution to the whole and you’re Life Purpose, and unless you know how to make decisions that are correct, you will never get the opportunity to live your destiny. Your Design comes with an operating manual. Human Design shows you your unique operating manual for life.

There is nothing in the world like Human Design. It is truly unique and it will reveal to you your special uniqueness so that you can truly love yourself.
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