Sunday, October 05, 2008

Where to learn Conga In San Diego...with Juan Sanchez of course!

I took some amazing photographs of Juan's class yesterday at the world beat center in Balboa Park.. I decided to go after reading this

This class we will have Luis Cuenca as a special guest! One of the original percussionist for the B-Side Players. Luis has been endorsed by Pearl and is one of the musician land marks in the Latin scene. So hold on to your conga this Saturday for a time warp de tiempo de espaƱa!

4pm - 5pm Beginning
5pm - 6pm Intermediate

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ThreadBeaur said...

Those are great pictures. I love the close ups of the hands moving on the drums!

maude25 said...

Great!all of those picture that you shared are great. I was motivate to play it now but I don't have the idea on how to play congos . But I will try my best to learn how to play it. There are lessons that I can attend in order to have the knowledge on how to play it. Thanks anyway.