Thursday, January 15, 2009

Living Your Design – An Experiential Look

I received John Martin's Hawain Design Newsletter today and found it so precise, no matter whether you are involved in Human Design or not.

Precisely what moving into ascension looks like, dissolving the ego is not easy, a letting go of outdated patterns that no longer serve us, an allowing of the true self to finally be revealed, an opening up to more joy and expansion which requires the layers of fear to fall away. Yes they fall away, yet resistance still insists on sticking around and the dissolution feels like pain...stored emotion finally becoming reveal the diamonds and gold of our Authentic self...

Great Job, to the Journey here revealed by fellow Human Designer...John Martin who has created an incredible Human Design community on Kauai Hawaii and who continues to enjoy his experiment.

Living Your Design – An Experiential Look

Reflections from inside the experiment – Beyond Compromise, Beyond Pain

Reflections from inside the experiment – From my perspective at least, beyond compromise and beyond the conditioned pain, lies the domain of the true self. Once you have your own authority, others will be unable to compromise you. This is scary to the other because everyone is used to humans that compromise. Even your own mind will be unable to sway your decision-making process. No matter what comes through the door (all that’s white in your design), you will be able to stand your ground. From an outside perspective it may look like courage, will, or whatever; however, it is beyond those words and the exact opposite. It is a complete surrender to the form. The battle is won, by you not resisting where the vehicle takes you, regardless of what you or anyone else thinks. Wherever the pressure comes from, either “the other”, the outside world, or your own mind, you will be able rely on yourself and yourself alone to know what is correct for you…HD may help you become your own authority.

Most of the invitations to share this month seem to revolve around these two themes: How do you see differently? And is it getting any easier? NO it is definitely not getting easier!!! It is getting much, much harder and precise. The more I see, the more it seems that I am to be tested. If I make mistake, I pay dearly energetically, it hurts my aura, it hurts my whole body. If I open my mouth or initiate anything at all, the forces come crashing down on me. I’ve known what resistance is but have never felt it so tangibly, so real. As I am just beginning to understand what it may mean to be a projector, a field of stillness and silence is spreading through my body. I am becoming so solid within, harder, less nice, more real and more compassionate, sensitive and childlike at the same time…it is paradox I cannot put into words.

Now that I am learning to hear my own not-self coming through my own voice instead of being so focused on the other, any slip out of my true frequency, even for a few seconds, has become unbearable. It makes me want to scream!! I can barley connect with humans at the moment and yet my sessions and readings have become so much more compassionate and free flow, and also reportedly, much more penetrating. I am beginning to appreciate and see the magnitude of what we are really up against. The unimaginable strength and superiority of the not-self mind, how cunning it is, how it will find any way to avoid the pain of total surrender to the mechanics. Yet at the same time the only freedom I have ever found is on the other side of the pain. As you are attempting to restructure your entire form one cell at a time, there will likely be many days where you feel that you are dying, or wish that you could. This seems to be the exact opposite of what most people are looking for, and the only method I’ve personally witnessed that work’s at the form level to align someone to their uniqueness.

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank you for some HD information you blogged on 12/10/2007. I was doing a search on "64/47 The Channel of Abstraction" (my only completely defined channel) to see what "positive spin" I could find. Found yours from that date. Loved your summation. Didn't know if you'd see this if I entered it on the 2007 message so I put it here.
Blessings, Linda

Tah Groen said...

Thank You!...oh you are so welcome glad to...and I will post some more stuff on HD soon!

Juno77 said...

Well, nice to know that I am not the only one who feels that this, ascension, sometimes (or many times) kicks one in the rear. This is terribly scary...A LOT. I constantly have to remind myself to let go, because if I don't it only increases the discomfort, but I still find myself resisting. There is such a big part of me trying to control the process.