Saturday, January 03, 2009

To dissolve the ego....It is in the shattering of perfection...

Again the dilemma of why and how the ego rears its head within the life
Me and the inevitable trial and error process
The process to end all processes quickly
As the ultimate error (or success) death be told...
Pray why such doom and gloom
It is in the shattering of perfection...
For there is none...

We all know "there is no perfection rhetoric", yet still striving in futility to overcome lack or perceived lack. All in order to fight the inevitable, that it really does not matter..death is the last prize.

In my latest read Spiritual Warfare by Jed McKenna he states:

"No belief is true, life has no meaning, nothing we do matters. All is vanity and a striving after wind. We're going to die and it will be as if we never lived. Everything we think is true is false, all our beliefs are delusions and everything we think is a lie.

There is no such thing as success, nothing we do can make any possible difference, no matter how fast we go or how far a head we are, we are not going anywhere. The best and the brightest our in a dead-tie with the worst and the dimmest. These are the facts of life, simple obvious, plain to behold, yet universally unrecognized and unacknowledged.

This is what it means to see what is not and to see what is, to be in denial and to be asleep within the dream, to reside in the womb of the unborn. We are madly, desperately, insanely afraid of the truth, and it is that fear that walls us off from our unbounded nature. It is the emotional energy of fear that erects and maintains the egoic field."

We are here to understand this limitation the limitation that we do mutate and within this mutation growth is inevitable...the ultimate mutation is the release of fear and the ability to be reborn.

Our ultimate Surrender into ascension, a release of our illusion of separateness. With the walls of fear destroyed we have left only the truth. The truth with no beliefs, just raw source energy. That which is our nature, we are ourselves unbound and completely free.

The life becomes softer, the flow becomes easier, the striving, pushing, paddling stops and trust comes in to allow the stream to take you down the river of life with ease and grace, for the fear of death is a non issue.

Spiritual Warfare

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