Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Insights on my Human Design~the trip within the Vehicle as a passenger NOT the driver...

As I continue to practice giving readings in Human Design I come to realize a very important aspect of a reading, and that is the significance of the interaction between the two Auras involved. A reading with someone who is familiar to human design is incredibly different than one with someone who is completely new to design.

It seems that only on an experiential level will I have the essential vitality to generate a successful reading. It is in the exchange between the Auric definition that I discover my knowing and can have available the ability to articulate. As I build upon the Human Design knowledge my progress to communicate design becomes easier and easier, thus more satisfying. I am beginning to trust my defined mind more as the outer authority that it is.

In my incredible desire for ease and flow, the wanting to being able to articulate and explain my knowing efficiently, I end up tripping out on the inability to structure my individual insights into a form that can be of use. This pressure comes directly from the ajna through the consciously defined acoustic 43rd gate.

As I am listening to a very loud thought field, I feel pressure to come up with something that is structurally sound and makes sense to others. The movement to intellectualize anything of value could go either way, be insightful or not. Within this content of course there ends up being a lot of fear, which gets amplified easily, due to the intense pressure of the open root. The essence of my not self behavior rearing itself into the experience.

As I move through this process to respond, as I surrender into allowing the mind to channel pertinent information for the other, I discover the gifts of my open centers. In my design I have three distinct areas of definition split up, as a triple split most of my energy challenge happens within my two open centers, the adrenal system (root) and the emotional system (solarplex).

What is the gift of an open Root?... The gift is of course the duality in this powerful motor to pressurize the this and that of life.... fast, slow, stress, relaxation, power, lack of power, peace or not, stillness or not.

What does it feel like for a completely open root? There are no gates to flavor the experience for me so all the the flavors of adrenal pressure are available for amplification. Wow!... does that feel intense, the intensity is completely physical. The body just revs itself up involuntarily. It manifests within the body as heat, vibration, heart pumping, ready for fight or fright all an excessive expression of root pressure. The mind is not the priority anymore and the thoughts end up going off task into survival mode, no intellectualizing, no more outer authority.

In fairness we must then look at the contrast, the other side of that high level adrenal pressure. I am easily without adrenal pressure and can feel just as centered, grounded and relaxed (sounds like I do yoga) as I can be stressed out. I am enjoying mastering the wisdom in the root by allowing the pressure to move through me and not become a part of my experience as not self behavior.

I am realizing as I write this, that the open root has wisdom to allow surrender into my knowing, if I would just allow and let go.

This exploration of Human Design was in response to a Homework assignment for Lynda Stone's Professional Training Level I Analyst Program.

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