Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Focus Wheel Process

This process is profound and powerful! It will shift energy easily and quickly! Give it a try. Watch for the hot trigger spots in the day that spit you out of the Vortex ( that's to say if you have been hanging out in it). Then use that subject as your next Focus Wheel. Highly effective tool to raise vibration.

"Focus Wheel, a process that has been designed specifically to help you release resistance and focus you into your Vortex. And,in fact, the process itself mimics a swirling, attracting Vortex, which gathers momentum as it swirls." ... from The Vortex by Ester and Jerry Hicks... teachings of Abraham

“The vortex is where all cooperative components are being summoned…the vortex is where you rendezvous with all cooperative components.” Abraham


Reen Bean said...

This sounds like a great idea.

Margaret said...

Hi Tah,
You post interesting articles on yoga and philosophy. I've followed your site since May and have now added your link to my blog as I have visitors from all around the world.

Tah Groen said...

Yes, Reen Bean The focus wheel process is highly effective for raising vibration. Have you tried one yet? Let us know how it works for you?

I have been filling up a journal with Focus Wheels...and having fun!

Margaret, I am so glad you are finding my posts interesting! Thank you for adding me to your blog roll list!... and Thank You for the motivation to keep posting new articles! :-)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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