Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Goal Setting & The Benefit of Recognizing Contrast

I thought I would share this wonderful Abraham-Hicks Audio clip (scroll down). It is a question about what to do when doubt comes in as you visualize your goals.

This question is particularly timely due to the nature of our global economy and the state of our countries job market.

  • When goals stimulate doubt what do you do?
A Goal is only beneficial energetically if it does not stir up doubt. Yet what happens when we start using the mind to develop goals is that it brings up doubt. Doubts that get triggered by old outdated patterns of thought or chronic beliefs that are no longer serving higher expansion.

It is all about softening the resistance.
Key softening statements...
  • Improvement is steady....I like to focus ...I let myself off the hook.
Yet acknowledge that the resistance or doubt is significant. It is a good thing- for the doubt brings attention to chronic beliefs that are hindering your expansion.

When these aspect of self are recognized then the work can be done to process. A process that allows recognition of resistance and then shifting vibration to one that is in the Vortex.

Once the contrast is recognized it is then possible to do your process via focus wheel or rampage of appreciation!

Here is the audio clip....

“The vortex is where all cooperative components are being summoned…the vortex is where you rendezvous with all cooperative components.” Abraham

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