Friday, December 03, 2010

Yoga Class at La Jolla Yoga Center Moved to...

Class Schedule Update for my Vinyasa 1/2 class at the La Jolla Yoga Center
Beginning December 7

As requested: Beginning Tuesday, December 7, the Vinyasa 1/2 with Tah Groen (normally on Thursdays at 4:15pm) will move to Tuesdays at 4:00pm. It will take place at the same time of Kids Yoga on Tuesdays so that Moms and Dads can come take class while their kids are taking class with Amy Ragen!

Ever wondered where the breath should naturally flow to when practicing your Vinyasa flow yoga?
Ever wondered how to connect more deeply to the breath and delve more intimately into your yoga practice?

In my class you will learn to recognize the moments that naturally occur between poses as important transitory conduits for the next awakening.
It is here where we begin to acknowledge the movement of body, mind and spirit toward expansion by releasing resistance and moving into alignment.

This allows your yoga body to ascend to new territories of awareness. The practice of Vinyasa flow yoga trains your physical vehicle into perfected focus until the art of breath becomes natural and profound.
The inhale breath, vital to allowing the life force (Prana) in, and the exhale breath(Apana), both open doorways to releasing resistance. The inhale and exhale of breath are instrumental in maintaining a balance within the body. They allow a softening, and establish a foundation for the letting go of old, outdated patterns that no longer serve the higher self.

Through intimate exploration of each pose as it transitions into the next, we find that each inhale and exhale reveals our true self hidden behind stagnant layers of resistance.

My class is the perfect place for the beginning Vinyasa flow student, as it incorporates an essential introduction to the basic mechanics of breath that exist within the salute to the sun and beyond.

For the advanced Vinyasa student, my class will help to integrate skillful timing and rhythm to the flow sequence. By moving Asana into the core, and allowing the breath to be the guide and teacher that it should always be, you will improve your yoga practice immeasurably.

We honor breath as the gift given to the Vinyasa practice. Come understand the powerful connection the Prana life force has to the body, mind and spirit, and the vital role of Apana as the means to releasing resistance, and change your life.

I hope to see you in class!

Love and Light,

The "I" in I am continually tapping into what "I" know, as is you and you and you, for in the "Real" reality we are all one.

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