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Complementary Cancer Treatment: Yoga Becoming Popular

I have the privilege of posting this informative article by Krista Peterson. A Cancer awareness champian who has recently become hooked on Yoga. Krista is dedicated to spreading the word on the benefits of Yoga for Cancer patience.

"Krista Peterson is a recent college graduate and aspiring writer. As a health and safety advocate, she shares a strong passion for the wellness of others in her community. Krista has been practicing yoga for 3 years and loves to encourage others to do so as well. Through her writings, she helps to spread awareness of such issues as cancer and chronic illness and different ways that they can be treated."

I hope you enjoy the article and spread the word about Yoga.  This topic has significant meaning for both Krista and I. We both have been touched by family who are or have struggled with Cancer.

Complementary treatment: Yoga becoming popular
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The treatment stages for cancer patients are often drawn out, difficult processes. The side effects of traditional treatment therapy can end up doing a number on the body. For patients, they are always looking for things that will help to alleviate those side effects. Luckily, there has been a great influx of complementary treatment options that help to cut down on those side effects, while also having a great impact on the physical and mental nature of cancer patients. Among the most popular options is yoga. 

Perhaps yoga is becoming so popular with cancer patients because there are a number of ways to participate. Some patients prefer to have hour long sessions once or twice a week. Others may prefer to take part in smaller schedules daily in the morning and before bed. 

Yoga has risen in popularity in the past few decades largely because it has become one of the best options for exercising. Even though exercising is one of the great benefits of using yoga for cancer patients, there are some other physical benefits that are important to these patients. Routine therapy such as chemo and radiation has major side effects that include nausea and dizziness. Yoga has been known to cut down on each of these side effects following treatment. Also, for patients who have arthritis, yoga works as a way to improve range of motion and flexibility.

The benefits from a mental and mind-associated standpoint are often highly valuable to cancer patients. With the medical community becoming more specialized, the daily routine for a patient has become more stressful. Multiple doctors and tons of tests leave patients in a situation of consistent hustle and bustle. Yoga works as a distraction from these tests and provides a chance for peace of mind. 

A great example of yoga’s impact includes its use by mesothelioma patients. This is a type of cancer in the lungs that results from asbestos exposure. These patients have a very short life expectancy rate and yoga is often a welcome departure. Yoga allows these patients the opportunity to forget about any fear or problems they may have at the time and bring tranquility and peace of mind. 

Yoga will likely continue to grow in the medical field as more research is done. Much of the current research is focused on breast cancer patients, but continued studies are showing the benefits can affect most cancer patients in a positive light. Given yoga’s ability to bring together benefits from both a mental and physical standpoint, it will only become more popular as a complementary treatment option in the future. 

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