Sunday, June 26, 2011

Janet Echelman: Taking imagination seriously | Video on

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Janet Echelman: Taking imagination seriously | Video on

Janet Echelman's art is truly amazing. And yes tears welled up for me the photos of "Her Secret is Patience" went up in Portugal. To articulate why the tears, seems futile ...yet compelled to attempt expression here.

Janet Eckelman's appointed task seemed so daunting even to her, yet supreme knowing of eventual success carries her forward. Hence the title of the piece "Her Secret Is Patience". The project took three years to complete. In the practice of expectation she perseveres. This concept of perseverance in the face of all perceived obstacles alone is significant enough to move one to tears. But more layers were beneath my tears.

My emotional response lies within the depth and uniqueness of Janet's visions, as well as her unwavering confidence plus her tenacity to continue year after year in hot pursuit of a dream. A dream that had never been dreamt before. Wow! Again more than enough reason for tears of joy.

But deeper still the manifestation of said dream is the kicker. The beauty and movement of her sculptor touches hearts. If it touched my heart via the internet, imagine the tears I would have if I witnessed her masterpiece in flesh and blood. Holy Cow! As Janet stated herself in reflection on the ability to fabricate her vision of... "idiosyncratic, delicate and ephemeral" from conventional building materials, was a leap of faith, in opposition indeed.

As Janet saw her masterpiece for the first time, she is moved beyond words and tells us her life was not going to be the same. To stand in silence witness, allowing her message to sink into the core of our being, we too can be moved and life changed forever. A 50,000 square foot lace net did that.

Janet connects our world of spirit together with the world of matter utilizing the Artist Way of insightful perusal. Into a world of new discovery was an idea that had come from deep within the soul of her imagination. She taped into the eternalness in eternity or as she conveyed through her feelings of being connected to limitless sky.

In essence our perceived duality has fused together to become one or Yoga in the Flow. The fluid flow of Mother Nature at her best and most volatile (for Volatility see her 1.26 piece) translated into a universal language that communicates the uncommunicative.

This concept reminds us all that our dreams can and do come true. Giving permission to expand into our own unique vision if we so desire. For me her work facilitates dreams of hope, love, peace and well being for our planet.

Her Art becomes a symbol of expansion for our time. Having utilized all that she could in terms of technology was accomplished in order to manipulate her world. A world which she now shares and will continue to share with all. A tremendous achievement, was manifested with her ability to shape shift perceived reality into her own. Our world is malleable and undeniably an illusion.

As an artist Janet is not separate from us. She is a voice for the people and a reflection of our evolution as a species. We celebrate in her achievement. And for me the most significant aspect of my emotional response (hence the tears) is the realization pure and simple that we are the supreme creators of our reality as validation of the powerful ability to manifest our creative life force.

A beauty and vibrance within all beings articulated in that one moment as her Art for Art's Sake went up.


dan roberson said...

Simply elegant and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Toby said...

Wow... this is a truly inspirational example of installation art. Janet's story is also an inspiration, especially as she didn't get accepted into the 7 art schools she applied for. You wouldn't believe it by looking at her work.
Thanks for posting. Toby, Law of Attraction Books