Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lists of Positive Aspects

Making lists of positive aspects is one of those advanced in the Vortex (that place of ultimate wellbeing) maneuvers. For when not in a good feeling place it is a struggle finding positive aspects and try to milk them to feel even better. It fact trying to do this on a charged subject just brings out more of the "negative" aspects of that subject. It would be better to go general on the topic that is needing to shift. A focus wheel exercise would be an ideal way to shift a negative thought to a positive.

With that said. There are those extraordinary moments where I'm already feeling close to or in that place of contentment and I could use a boost. This is where making a list of positive aspects could shift energy to a higher place of allowing, expanding source energy into such a place that has "the power to create worlds" and transform the life.

This card is from The Money and The Law of Attraction cards by Abraham and Hicks. (click to view entire card)

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