Monday, February 13, 2012

Allowing Higher Frequencies

When we are in a state of allowing, a deep resonance to the physical body occurs, leading to a profound connection to our spiritual body. This Sacred place is where all our power lies. Once the body's energy resonates correctly to the natural flow by releasing held resistance, resistance is replaced with our natural state of wellbeing, which is that of Source Energy.

Being tuned to Source Energy creates the place where miracles are born, that magical space where our potential exists. These higher frequencies once "allowed" has the possibility to transform and heal not only on an individual level but on a global one.

This Abraham Hicks card says it beautifully.

"...and as you are vibrating you are attracting~and so you are always getting back the essence of what you are giving."

The two aspects of ourselves either resistance or allowing. Both frequencies are relevant, we have no expansion without contrast. So I'm able to bless resistance as the gift of expansion, it is just a matter of focus to allow the expansion.



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Tah Groen said...

I'm happy you found this interesting! Thank you for your sweet comment.

Tah Groen said...

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