Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Forward Thinking

This skill of Forward thinking is where it all starts in order to manifest desires. The essential ingredient is the power of focused thought. To be aware of how emotional guidance can either milk an in the Vortex moment or give indication of misalignment. It is all about think and feel. To be adept at directing thoughts to what is wanted brings those desires forward and into physical manifestation.

This is where utilizing a physical practice is essential to rewiring negative thought patterns into more general and then to more "positive" thoughts. And the very foundation to this process is Breath awareness. My favorite personal arsenal of pivoting tools to keep my ability to focus in top form is Yoga and meditation.

How exciting! You can start today! Give yourself the gift of manifesting your desires by simple become sensitive to how you feel, and then to use the power of focused thought to manifest a better feeling moment.

This card is from The Money and The Law of Attraction cards by Abraham and Hicks. (click to view entire card)

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