Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Focus Wheel On Abundance

Tah Groen
Shifting frequency to feel more abundant this morning. Wanting to solidify the sensation of freedom, security, well being. All emotions that are naturally who I really am. Journaling...specifically a Focus Wheel process to pivot the wobble of my choice.

The center of my wheel states:

Focused on abundance naturally feels good. It is who I really am and is easier than I think.

The first statement to get me on the wheel:

Everything has perfect timing when my frequency is ready it will come. I can easily shift my energy. I do it all the time I got this too!

I then went around the wheel to continue goosing up the energy until I got to the 10th statement:

I love inspired action that calls me towards what is fun, exciting and fresh supporting all that I desire and expect. 

This process is profound and powerful! It will shift energy easily and quickly! Give it a try. Watch for the hot trigger spots in the day that spit you out of the Vortex (that's to say if you have been hanging out in it). Then use that subject as your next Focus Wheel. Highly effective tool to raise vibration. Find a Template here.

"Focus Wheel, a process that has been designed specifically to help you release resistance and focus you into your Vortex. And,in fact, the process itself mimics a swirling, attracting Vortex, which gathers momentum as it swirls." ... from The Vortex by Ester and Jerry Hicks... teachings of Abraham

“The vortex is where all cooperative components are being summoned…the vortex is where you rendezvous with all cooperative components.” Abraham

my version not as clean as the Focus Wheel Template but works.


Unknown said...


I'm also in San Diego. It is nice to come across other people who study with Abraham-Hicks!
Your post is in perfect timing for me. I was just listening to an Abraham seminar about using the focus wheel. Yesterday, my friend told me an amazing story of manifesting abundance. I feel the momentum of me allowing my natural abundance to flow to me growing.

Tah Groen said...

Ahhh... Thank you for your sweet comment! I want to touch people just like this! And so happy my process touched you with perfect timing ...which clearly validates the laws of the universe! You can say that you did that "a perfect rendezvous"! And most of all know that you can request more and more to assist you on your path! As Abraham states "there is the path"! Much love to you today!