Thursday, October 09, 2014

If we are eternal beings?

If we are eternal beings? And we are. There is no right or wrong path. Any experience that is desired can be expansive. Whether it is to be born with Down Syndrome, to be born autistic, to be in a place where you are homeless. Remembering there are many lifetime and each one is an experience to be honored and cherished as physical expansion, leading-edge creating unique for each and significant to all. 

Significant not only for the one creating but for the collective. This life experience is our medium our unique way of contributing to global consciousness. We are on the leading edge developing new ways of thinking that literally shift our world. But of course the depth and true meaning of this power gets lost, as we are meant to discove new territory under the veil. I personally enjoy the revelation when I lift the veil, receiving glimpses of my expansive. Connecting to what is all knowing and all wise. My higher self. 

That is the point, explorers, just beyond our comprehension as we continuously reach for more knowing, more clarity, more Alignment. 

We are all in this together. Each and everyone of us contribute to the whole, and to the eternal expansion of all that is. More awareness, more knowing, more empowerment to be do or have what is wanted. 

We crave the variety of experiences given lifetime after lifetime. Or more poignantly acknowledging our experiences here in this time and space and fully appreciating them for what they are. Our powerful point of attraction leading us to more adventure. Yes! Celebrate our variety of chosen adventures as they all are contribute to the whole.

Do not under estimate the power of what you do or what anyone else is doing. Practice non judgment or better yet practice authentic appreciation for what anyone else chooses as their path. It's just an experience....and we are all in this together fully supported by all that is! Life is supposed to be good and it's really easy when the big picture comes into perfect view...that we can never get it wrong and it is never done! Clarity and Alignment trump everything!  

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